• 2009-03-31

    Pathetic Or Not - [LIFE]


    It's a busy time,isn't it?
    And what does it feel like?
    Being nuts in crowded fast-walking people?

    I don't want to give a shit,
    but it's the game,we just have to play it .
    What do they call it?Grow up,right?
    It's miserable and indispensable.

    Someone said the problems you had got now would be nothing sometime.
    Of course I know that.
    The point is,we live now,not like sometime or what.
    I don't know what I'm saying and what I want to say,
    because,maybe this fucking language or I'm insane.

    Honestly,do I have to pursue more?
    Will that make sense? Like an adult
    I'm totlally depressed,
    'cause what's next?  
    Job? Then get married,have a baby or two,then complain about them all.
    Finally what? Oh....yes,dead.
    Am I too despairing?Like a cynical,uesless little kid.
    Right,we need to face that hopefully or hopelessly anyway.

    Wow,for fuck's sake,I even feel better by writing this with this ludicrous language.
    So weird...

    Anyway,life's going on and I'm going to do...somthing like..er...whatever.

    ---THE END



  • 哎呀,发现打错字了,哈哈
  • oh my god ,the damn engish